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Trekking at Malinche ( Malitzin ) Mountain 4461m. / 14635 ft

Malinche malintzi trekking tour


Malintzi mountain malinche

Malinchgmexico malinche

Malinche Malintzi hiking trekking mountain guides outdoor camping excursion transportation tlaxcala huamanta

On the southern part of Tlaxcala rises Malinche or Matlacueyetl, which is the name that the inhabitants of ancient Tlaxcala gave to the mother goddess of water. It has an altitude of 4461 masl. and it is the fifth highest mountain in Mexico.


Itinerary Malinche 1 day

pick you up from Mexico City ( hotel, airport or address) 7381ft.

Transfer to Malinche base in "quesadillas" place

We begin with a walk through a forest, then further on we reach a field of loose rock that ends in a ridge leading to a rock maze after which, lies the summit.

goback to Mexico City

Malinche volcan montaña


Cost in a group of 5 - 11 people: 100 usd per person

Cost in a group of 3 - 4 people: 130 usd each one

Cost: 2 persons150 usd

Cost 1 person 280 usd


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with Hilarion


Malinche summit with dog


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Malinche from the hut

Malinche from the base camp






Malinche trip malintzi mexico


La Malinche mountain, also known as Matlalcueye or Malintzin, is an inactive volcano located in Tlaxcala and Puebla states, in Mexico. Officially, its summit reaches 4,461 metres (14,636 ft) above sea level,Its the highest peak in Tlaxcala, the fifth-highest in Puebla, the sixth-highest in Mexico, the 23rd-highest in North America, The climate is cold on the summit and mild on its lower slopes.


Malinche hgmexico

Resting on Malinche summit with a friend


Malintzi o Malinche montaña


Malinche by the way on the forest


Malinche boyfriends at the summmit

Malinche view from the top





Malinche Mountain guides

Malinche mountan guide Hgmexico





Malinche hiking trekking outdoor

Malinche go back from the summit










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