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NEVADO DE TOLUCA Trekking in 2 days

(4 680 M; 15,354 FT)


Season: All year

On the southern part of Toluca we can visit a Beatiful volcano with lakes inside, which is the name that the inhabitants of ancient Xinancatecatl. It has an altitude of 4600 masl. and it is the fourth highest mountain in Mexico.
We begin with a walk through a crater , then further on we reach a field of loose rock that ends in a ridge leading to a rock maze after which, lies the summit.

Nevado de toluca trekking


Itinerary Nevado de Toluca 2 day


1 day

Pick you up from Mexico City , 7381ft.


2 day

We begin with a walk through a forest, then further on we reach a field of loose rock that ends in a ridge leading to a rock maze after which, lies the summit.

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Cost without meals per person :
persons   US Dolar
5 to 11   120
3 - 4   130
2   180
1   250

Included in this itinerary are the following:


  • Transportation from Mexico city to the mountain and back.
  • Mountain guide
  • Base camp lodging.
  • Purified water to fill your water bottles
  • All cooking equipment: stoves, dishes and accessories.



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Nevado de Toluca mexico



This is Mexico s fourth highest mountain, after the Pico de Orizaba, Popocatepetl, and Iztaccihuatl. (By some measurements, however, the Sierra Negra is slightly higher.) , and it is unique in taht one can drive into the crater of this volcano, Nevado de toluca has two summits,  the higher Pico de Fraile (Friar s Peak) at 4 680 meter



It is often called Xinantecatl, which is probably from the Nahuatl chinam(itl) 'cornstalks' + tecatl 'lord of', though other etymologies have been suggested.

It is an extinct volcano located in central Mexico. This volcano has its higher summit at 4577 metres and in good weather it is clearly visible from the Mexican city of Toluca.

An unusual feature of this mountainous formation is the existence of two lakes in small extinct craters within the caldera, the cold water Sun Lake and the Moon Lake. A road runs into the caldera, making this perhaps the most accessible major Mexican peak.