Iztaccihuatl volcanoe mexico trekking


Climbing Pico de Orizaba and Malinche

5 Days


1 day
will meet with you in Mexico City, transport at Malinche Base camp(3085m) / 10121ft . Beginning the acclimatization process.

Overnight: camp

2 day
One trekking day in "la Malinche" (4400m) / 14435ft is a nice mountain, first walking in forest and next in high altitude

Overnight: Camp

Malintzi Malinche mountain

Malinche Summit


3 Day

Visit to Cantona Piramyds
Travel to Ciudad Serdan

Overnight: land hotel

4 Day
4x4 truck to 4,600m. /15,000ft. where we are going to sleep ,

Overnight camp

Pico de Orizaba expedition tour hiking

5 Day
Starting the ascending to reach the summit early for being, South Face.

Go back to Mexico City

End Service.


Pico de Orizaba



Included in this itinerary are the following:


  • Transportation from Mexico city at the mountain and back, including the 4x4 travel at Pico de Orizaba
  • A personal, well-trained and experienced mountain guide
  • Collective safety gear: ropes, carabiners, tends, etc.
  • See “Mountain Equipment” section for the personal gear you’ll need
  • Base camp lodging.
  • Purified water to fill your water bottles
  • All cooking equipment: stoves, dishes and accessories
  • Overnights at the itinerary in double room



When you contact us about your expedition please let us know which option you prefer


Without Meals:

In this option, which we highly recommend, you bring your food or we can shop on our way to the mountain (we have supermarkets like WalMart here). This way you can eat what you like and is best for you.




people Malinche & Pico cost per person in Euros
6-10 € 530
3-5  € 550
2 €650
1 € 850



Cost without meals Each one american dollars

people Malinche & Pico per person
6-10 590
3 -5  640
2 690
1 920


With Meals only at the mountain:

In this option we can include foods at the mountain  (not including restaurants, no grocery stores) if do you prefer this option you will comment when write us.


Izta & Pico with mountain meals (include only meals at the mountain) each one in Euro

people Malinche & Pico per person
more than 11 € 550
6-10 € 590
3-5 € 650
2 € 750
1 € 950

  Trip Izta and pico with mountain meals (include only meals at the mountain at the itinerary) Cost each one in american dollars

people Malinche & Pico per person
6-10 700
3 - 5  720
2 790
1 1060







whatsapp +52 55 64413823





Whatsapp +52 55 64413823

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