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Equipament for mexican mountains


Equipament for Iztaccihuatl mountain


Mountaineering equipament for hike and trekking in  Mexico
Instead we have made a list of suggestions related to the things that we consider among the most important for this activity.
-Trekking or Hiking boots:
It is necessary to waterproof. It is important that are not steel toed because this could increase the likelihood of your feet freezing.


Boots for climb in mexican volcanoes and mountains

- Trekking or hiking  Pants, if you want you can take layer under pants. 
- Wheaterproof Jacket 
- Fleece or Polartec 
- Gloves or Mittens
 It is recommended to bring at least 2 pairs.
- Sun Glasses 
- Head wear:
   There are different types of head wear: caps and headbands made of wool, fleece, polypropylene, etc. It is very important that you don't forget to bring head wear.
- Helmet
- Sun block cream: Sun block prevents sun burn and protects your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. 
- Headlamp (leds):
   You must bring a headlamp even if you plan to return the same day, before nightfall. We recommend that you use a headlamp because it is important to keep your hands free during the ascent. Be sure to protect the batteries from the cold so that they do not loose their charge.

Equipament for mexican mountains -


  Pending on the magnitude of your trip you should bring the following:
  -Small first aid kit
  -Emergency and routine food
  -Water (2- 3 litres)
For Base camp
-Sleeping bag
-Sleeping pad 
-camping stove, dishes, cutlery, cookware
-An extra change of clothes

For climbing Pico de Orizaba or Iztaccihuatl you need 
- Crampons
- Ice Axe
- Helmet

Pico de Orizaba Iztaccihuatl equipament


Equipment Nevado de Toluca Malinche Iztacci huatl Pico de Orizaba
  Technical equipament        
Pair of hiking poles x x x x
Ice axe     xxx xxx
Crampons (must be reasonably sharp)     xxx xxx
climbing harness       xxx
Helmet xxx xxx xxx xxx
2 locking and 4 regular carabiners     xx xx
sleeping bag rated 0° F (down or synthetic)     xxx xxx
sleeping pad     xxx xxx
Waterproof trekking boots or Hiking boots xxx xxx xxx xxx
gaiters     x optional x optional
two sets of silk or synthetic sock liners     xx xx
synthetic T shirt, short or long sleeve xx xx xx xx
Trekking or hiking pants     xx xxx
Gore-tex shell-type parka xxx xxx xxx xxx
medium weight insulated parka (down or synthetic)     xx xx
underwear pants (optional)     xx xx
Fleece jacket xxx xxx xxx xxx
Fleece stocking hat xx xx xxx xxx
Gloves xxx xxx xxx xxx
Sunglasses xxx xxx xxx xxx
Suntan lotion (at least #25 protection factor) and lip salve xxx xxx xxx xxx
Water Containers or bottles xxx xxx xxx xxx
Bowl, cup and spoon x x xxx xxx
Good headlamp (LED) with 2 sets of batteries xxx xxx xxx xxx
Camera xx xx xx xx

Personal first aid kit to include at least the following:

Paracetamol or your favorite headache pill

* antacids

* moleskin (callous/blister foam)

* band-aids

* Imodium

* light weight toilet articles and personal medications

xxx xxx xxx xxx
Toilet paper xxx xxx xxx xxx

X= needed; xx= recommended; xxx= highly recommended



Pico de Orizaba , Iztaccihuatl

X= needed; xx= recommended; xxx= highly recom

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